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Mary Driscoll
Mary Driscoll 5.0

Very professional installers cleaned up very nicely and they were very knowledgeable about what they were doing

Jon Rosenfeld
Jon Rosenfeld 5.0
CER Tallino
CER Tallino 5.0

Not yet, still deciding on which package we want, but we will be using them!!!

bob d
bob d 1.0

Years ago the kids they sent seemed like students who couldn't solder pipes. Despite my many calls, Addario's never returned. I had to hire another plumber to fix the job they butchered.

Reginald Pryor
Reginald Pryor 5.0

Checked old kitchen sink for water supply line.leak. Replaced old kitchen sink faucet with a new faucet. Tightened all connections.

Howard Weiss
Howard Weiss 5.0

The plumber was personal and informative. He explained the parts are no longer available to repair our old shower and proposed alternatives to upgrade the existing shower to today’s standards using today’s parts. He also looked at the old ...non-functional shutoff valves and provided.a proposal to replace the valves. We plan to downsize, so we need to decide if we will derive sufficient value to justify the cost of the work Scheduling was easy and we were kept well informed as to when the plumber would arrive.Read More...

Will Guy
Will Guy 5.0

The absolute best in the business. A few months back I had a leaky coming from under my dishwasher. The Addario’s team came out and notified me immediately that it was a problem with the dishwasher and not the plumbing - best of all, they didn’t ...charge me for the service! Their motto was since they didn’t do any work for me, there was no reason to charge. Remembering that act of kindness, I called them back up recently to help me with moving our washer and dryer. The team couldn’t have been better. Dan, the project lead, was friendly and courteous, and the team worked hard to make sure the job got done on time. I can’t recommend Addario’s Services enough! From the customer service team to the install team, they made it all so simple and hassle free.Read More...

phil kenney
phil kenney 5.0
Luke Paxton
Luke Paxton 1.0

Do not use these guys for dryer vents cleaning. $800+ quote. They will not tell you any pricing on the phone, so they can hit you with a $119 “ consultation fee”. Cleaning your dryer vent should cost about $100 for the first 5 feet of vent tube. ...Maybe they are good at other things, but not for this.Read More...

April Dodd
April Dodd 5.0

I am super impressed so far with Addario's. They seem to be the only HVAC service in the area that actually responds to calls quickly. They are proactive about scheduling and got somebody out to give me a quote for a heat pump - a consult that took ...nearly 90 minutes - within 24 hours of me submitting a request. I will update my review if / when I've actually had them do the work, but it's worth knowing that these are the folks to reach out to if you want somebody to actually show up and take time to explain things right.Read More...

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