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Josh Carver-Brown
Josh Carver-Brown 5.0

Very informative and professional.

Richard Waldeck
Richard Waldeck 5.0
Gladys Lee
Gladys Lee 5.0

Great service. They helped us change out our garbage disposal and everything went smooth; it works great and looks great. We have a small entry to our sink, and he found a way to make it happen. Great team at Addario’s.

Linda Rastellini Fuller
Linda Rastellini Fuller 5.0

always perfection

Larry Mulrey
Larry Mulrey 5.0

Very professional and quick to respond

Margarita Temes-Neira
Margarita Temes-Neira 5.0

Nice as always. Steve was very friendly and helpful

Devlin McDonough
Devlin McDonough 1.0

I had to deal with both of this company's last and it was the worst experience ever. I hope nobody else ever have to deal with them again. This is the first review I ever write, please stay away from Mosaic and Addarios, as both companies have been the ...most unsatisfactory entities I have ever interacted with. Firstly, the loan application was mishandled, secondly, there was undue pressure on the technicians to perform subpar work, and thirdly, the entire process was riddled with inadequacies, lacking transparency from sales all the way to the end. To exacerbate matters, a year later, I am now receiving an email alleging that ADDARIO's representatives failed to fulfill their obligations regarding the loan. I have letters documents of all of those from a year ago. So getting a call today has been extremely concerning. Mosaic, is the entity that handles Addario's loans.Read More...

Betty Denise
Betty Denise 5.0

They got my old tankless hot water unit to work temporarily, and installed a new one within two days. I would highly recommend them.

Japes 01
Japes 01 5.0

Just incredibly nice and convenient. Payment options were easy especially if one doesn’t have a ton of cash hanging around…just professional and easy to work with and would not hesitate to use again.

paul vincent
paul vincent 5.0

Anthony performed flawlessly

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