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Kathleen Nelson
Kathleen Nelson 5.0
carmen lucerna
carmen lucerna 5.0
hany bardissi
hany bardissi 5.0
Lisa Nolan
Lisa Nolan 5.0

Did a great job- thanks!

Noah 1.0

Spent $18,000 for a new central air system and had nothing but problems with Addarios services. First issue was I paid for a dehumidifier system to be added $600. This was never done and I only found out when inspecting the system. Second the tech that ...measured my house for its cooling needs was incompetent which led to the system that was installed was way underpowered for my home requirements. Also after the install they left trash all over my yard. Modified my attic access and failed to modify the attic cover leaving a gapping hole into my attic. Addario’s services rather then admitting fault told me they needed to add another register to my living room. This did nothing and my home was still only able to cool to 78 degrees while running nonstop. After having a bigger unit installed the living space was still unable to cool. Finally was able to have Addario’s services admit that they failed to install another register since again they failed to calculate the living space correctly. My $500 window ac performed better then the $18,000 system. While dealing with the owners they used intimidation tactics to attempt to get me to drop the issue. This involved calling me a liar, sending Facebook messages to my wife for me to remove reviews and delaying tactics. This all took place over 2 months and involved at least 8 site visits. I would never recommend this company to anyone. They charge for what they state is excellent service but deliver horrible service and even worse customer support. When I told the owner that I was going to have another company inspect their work as I highly suspect they cut corners and that their are still issues with the system the response was to become hostile and state that if I did so they would terminate their warranty on the system. They sold me a dream and were quick to take my money but delivered nothing close to what they promised.Read More...

Richard Estes
Richard Estes 5.0
Susan Atwater-Rhodes
Susan Atwater-Rhodes 5.0

The men working were polite, professional and efficient. Three days in and out..as promised.

Martha Pilgreen
Martha Pilgreen 5.0

Service person was knowledgeable, polite and efficient

Mark Rosen
Mark Rosen 5.0
Ray Riley
Ray Riley 1.0
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