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John Saunders
John Saunders 5.0

Matthew , Gave great information, about the company. And also about the product they were selling. That's why we went with them.

JP Stam
JP Stam 5.0

My maintenance appointment today was excellent. Knowlegeable and professional rep showed up on time, inspected my heat pump (and A/C unit) and made a recommendation to address another issue I inquired about. Received a pricing proposal immediately. ...Excellent service.Read More...

Thomas Collins
Thomas Collins 5.0

Josh was fantastic in explaining the solutions and equipment I needed. The install took 1 day and was professionally handled. The unit looks smart and is located in a place freeing up more space in my basement. Thanks for your servicing of my home.

Abigail Foulk
Abigail Foulk 1.0

We are very unhappy with Addario's fee for replacing the igniter and flame sensor in our furnace. These are two small parts that take about 1/2 hour to replace. The charge was initially $600. without an explanation of the cost of parts or time involved ...in the service. Prior to their service visit, They did not Ask about the make or model of our furnace or come with the parts ready to do the maintenance repair that they probably routinely suggest as a result of "inspection". As part of their Family Plan for "free" annual inspections of the water heater and furnace, the very nice employee did a cursory eye check Of the water heater and said it looked fine. Then he removed the cover of the furnace and said he recommended Replacing two parts when he heard that we had no maintenance history of the Carrier furnace. He said the part should be replaced every 2 to 4 years. We bear responsibility for signing off on the Maintenance but feel enormously Taken advantage of. We felt entrapped and ripped off by the Family Plan and inspection racket.Read More...

Pamela Ewing
Pamela Ewing 5.0

The technician was prompt, professional and very knowledgeable regarding my heat pump & ecobee thermostat.

Di Mc
Di Mc 1.0

Didn't have my Mitsubishi 2 mini-splits serviced. They want to sell service contracts, then wanted $800 for a basic cleaning of 1 compressor and 2 heads. Way too expensive. But a nice technician. Sadly wasted money on the consultation fee.

Jim 5.0

Our heat pump check-up went well. The techs were very professional. When it became apparent that I was not properly cleaning the filters, they explained the proper procedure.

Tina Smith
Tina Smith 5.0

Great job!

Leonard Sussman
Leonard Sussman 5.0
R D 1.0

My experience with Addario's is shameful. They claim on their website that they want to satisfy every customer 100%. Not so for me. I arranged for Addario's to install a new heating system in my home. My initial meeting with Anthony C. was great. He was ...professional and kind. The next day the install began and before the new heater was turned on, they were discussing payment with me. It turned out that there was a problem with the new heater which the technician couldn't diagnose or fix so I was left without heat overnight and into the next day. SCOTT ASKED ME FOR THE SECOND OF 3 PAYMENTS. I gave the check to him reluctantly. The next day Anthony did not show up at the designated time and I had to call to find out where he was. He finally arrived 40 minutes late. He was able to fix the problem and immediately asked me for the rest of the money which I refused to give until I was sure that the unit was going to work. His boss pressured me and I refused. The next day as I promised, I contacted Addario's at 8:30 am to settle the account with my credit card. They were not available so I left a message that I would call in 2 hours. They hounded me twice and I received a message from Anthony C. asking for the payment. I was made to feel untrustworthy and as far as I am concerned Addario's should be ashamed of themselves asking for money before I was satisfied and leaving me without heat (it got cold in my home). I was told by their technicians that other people have complained about their practice of pressing people for payment. As far as I am concerned they should not have asked me for any money until the problem was fixed and I was satisfied. I will never recommend them to anyone. My experience was hugely disappointing.Read More...

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