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Judy Wong
Judy Wong 5.0
Peter Masalsky
Peter Masalsky 4.0

Vendor originally showed up to attempt repair of toilet. Toilet literally a relic of early last century. Follow-up visit consisted of replacement of toilet. So far, working fine. Staff were professional and informative. Great communication from the ...office.Read More...

Kelley Ann
Kelley Ann 5.0

I found Addario' by accident almost 6 years ago when another plumber did faulty work. They were prompt, professional, and so kind! Their customer service is why I keep coming back. I've never had an unpleasant experience when I call the office. I always ...hang up feeling really good about the service I'm receiving. They even walked me through all the paperwork for a no interest loan that they weren't even financing. I had them install a furnace/water heater 4 years ago, and they have maintained, and serviced, and stood by their work since then. Today, they not only fixed the heating issue I called about (in the snow), they also noticed a leak, fixed that, and repaired something else completely unrelated that a different contractor had installed incorrectly. Nobody looks forward to plumbing issues, but I know that if anything comes up, I can trust Addario's to fix it.Read More...

N S 1.0

Do not hire these guys!! They are overpriced and they under-deliver! They left me in the dust all winter long without insulation in my house after many re-schedules! I'm not surprised that they are No longer associated with the Mass-Save program ...because they do not hold their end of their service agreements! They also quoted me an insane! amount of money to replace my oil heating units..(because I have a "2 family") that didn't even include getting rid of the old radiators- they said I would need to hire another company for that..the oil tanks as well..they did however promise family and friendship service if I were to choose them I would be part of their "family". I got the job done for more than half the amount that they quoted me - from another company which included everything. The new units are a top of the line brand. Save yourselves some money and headaches ...run away from this company. Anyone but these guys! Also - as I scroll down on the reviews I see the names of people that work in the company that have given 5*s or what looks like -paid "local guides" it's kinda like putting lipstick on a pig at this point....it's also conflict of interest just to offset the 1* reviews. Im honestly not surprised... lots of bad companies do this. Addarios - remember the name to stay away from! Good day.Read More...

Alex Stark
Alex Stark 5.0

Raul came right on time and was SUPER helpful!!! He explained not only the problem with my toilets but the factors with the plumbing that can contribute to the problem reoccurring in the future. Will definitely use again!!!!

Andreya Defreitas
Andreya Defreitas 5.0

Every time I call addario I'm never disappointed

Nicole Fluet
Nicole Fluet 5.0
Richard Beck
Richard Beck 4.0

STAY AWAY! We had a new fridge delivered recently and we all know how the delivery crew will not reconnect the water line..... I could try to connect and am not interested in Noah's Ark II. My wife contacted Addario this morning, 3/22/21, and explained ...in detail what we needed including a convenient shut-off valve in case of an issue and they told her we can do it today for $119.00. We though that was great and told them let's do it. The tech arrived, evaluated the situation and informed us it would be $350.00. Wait, what? If you want the shut-off, that's $458.00. We were told it was going to be $119.00 and we thought that was fair thinking a pro could do this in 15-20 minutes, tops. "Oh, the $119 is just for the service call." We told the phone rep exactly what we needed and were quoted $119.00 THEY JUST WANTED THE $119 FOR JUST SHOWING UP! We explained again to the tech who did not care. "Sorry, they must have miscommunicated." Ya' think?! At this point, we already were out $119, I should have thrown-him-out, and decided to get it done with the shut-off. He needed to go to a supply house for a part and would be back in 30 minutes. The whole job took less than 90 minutes including the supply house run. He should have done the right thing and only charged $119 or took $119 off the bill, had the chance, and chose not to. I'll never use them again and advise you to not as well. Stay away!Read More...

Jean Beck
Jean Beck 4.0

I was very disappointed with this company. I told them over the phone that we just wanted a shut off valve installed on our refrigerator water line and then for it to be connected to our refrigerator. Andrew told me it would be $119 and that the ...serviceman could do it today. Sounded great so I agreed for him to come over. Once here he informed us that it would be $450 for him to install a shut off valve or $330 for him to just screw the water line into the refrigerator. $330 for him to screw the line into the refrigerator! We were flabbergasted. The service man was very nice and I realize he was just doing his job but this company misled me about what I was going to pay for a very simple service. They are super nice and accommodating over the phone, and as I said, their plumber was very professional and polite, BUT they are committing highway robbery. I will NEVER use them again for anything and I strongly suggest no one else use them either. They shouldn’t be able to get away with this.Read More...

Hans Tiefenthaler
Hans Tiefenthaler 5.0
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