Can Too Much Rain Cause Plumbing Problems?

Too much rain plumbing

Heavy rain can play havoc with your plumbing system, especially if it’s been dry for a long stretch of time. Plumbers are usually very busy after a strong rain for several reasons.

Broken Pipes

When it’s been dry for a long time, the ground has hardened. A sudden heavy rain can cause the ground to shift and buried pipes to break. When dry soil suddenly has a lot of moisture, it expands and moves. Older pipes made of galvanized steel are especially susceptible to breaking in this situation.

You’ll likely have signs a pipe has broken. The water may be discolored or have debris in it. It can also manifest as a drop in water pressure. If you suspect a broken pipe, contact a plumber to locate and repair the broken pipe.

Blocked Drains

When there’s heavy rain, it can cause debris and trash to block drains. Signs this has occurred include slow drainage and the smell of sewage coming from your drains. You’ll have to call a plumber to clean your pipes. You can prevent this by making sure your roof, gutters and storm drains are free of debris.

Basement Flooding

Heavy rains often result in flooding. This can result in water leaking into your basement. You should test your sump pump once in a while by pouring water into it. The sump pump should automatically turn on to drain the water.

Sewage Backup

Heavy rain can cause sewage pipes to become blocked with debris. Sewage water could back up into your home, such as in toilets and sinks. It can also result in sewage pipes bursting, especially if they’re old or already damaged.

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