All You Need to Know About Trenchless Sewer Repair in Boston

Boston sewer line repair

Sewers and water mains labor away mostly underground, so for most homeowners and business owners in the Woburn area, they’re out of sight and out of mind, at least until something goes wrong. If you have a leak or break, you may be envisioning a disruptive and expensive repair, but Addario’s Services offers a viable alternative that saves time and money. With trenchless sewer repair, things get back to normal faster, and with less expense, than you’d think.

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Know the Trouble Signs

Before we dig into trenchless, let’s look at some of the trouble signs that let you know you have a sewer or water main problem.

  • Aggressive, localized, grass growth
  • A smell of sewage on your property
  • Sewage or drainage backflow into sinks, floor drains, and toilets
  • Slow drainage
  • Higher water bills that don’t correspond to your usage
  • Odd-smelling or gritty water in taps and toilets
  • Low or inconsistent water pressure

Each of these signs can have multiple causes, which is why it’s best to have your system looked at by an experienced plumber, combining knowledge with cutting-edge video pipeline inspection and diagnostic tools. We can narrow it down to the right cause so we’re applying the right fix.

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

So let’s say the problem is exactly what you suspected. Now what? Trenchless sewer repair is a much less invasive alternative to sewer line replacement. Rather than digging up dozens of square feet of ground, tearing out old plumbing, and rebuilding from scratch, this is a gentler approach. We’re literally installing new HDPE line within the existing pipes. There’s still some digging involved, but it’s much more targeted and smaller-scale, so it’s less disruptive and the signs of our work “heal” much quicker.

Pros and Cons of Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Trenchless sewer replacement has a number of advantages. Because there’s less digging, work is completed faster. Because there’s less labor cost, that lowers the overall project cost. It’s less disruptive to your yard and your routine alike. And trenchless repair is less likely to interfere with gas and electric lines, so there’s less risk of collateral damage.

However, there are also some downsides to the process. To begin with, trenchless won’t work if your pipes are severely damaged, or if they’ve suffered especially severe and widespread root incursions. There are also legal and permitting issues to address; we’re here to help with those, but you should be aware of them. And you may experience more problems later if you choose an inexperienced contractor, which is why the experience of Addario’s Services is especially important.

Working with Addario’s Services

Regardless of the size or nature of the plumbing problem you’re experiencing, Addario’s Services takes a measured and conservative approach. Our first goal is always to understand the problem; the wrong fix wastes time and money, so diagnostics are important. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we’ll explain what we’ve found and your options. As we’ve already seen, trenchless repairs aren’t one-size-fits-all, but we do our best to ensure that you understand your choices and can make an informed decision. So call (339) 999-0559 today for all your sewer line repair needs!

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