Are Mini Split Systems a Good Idea?

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When we think about air conditioning, we tend to think in terms of either/or: either window units, or central air. The reality is a bit more complex, since there are some other options out there. One of these, ductless mini-split systems, is becoming increasingly popular. Before you pick up the phone to call Addario’s Services for your next air conditioner installation, let’s weigh the pros and cons of mini split systems. 

How a Ductless Mini Split System Works

The main components of a ductless mini split system — a compressor and condenser outdoors, and air handlers indoors — are mostly identical. The only real functional differences are in a ductless system’s lack of ducts (no surprise there) and the ways in which both types of systems are installed. This leads to some advantages and disadvantages relative to traditional central air. 

The Pros of Mini Split Systems

Mini split systems are small, quiet, and flexible enough that they’re good to use in spaces where central air wouldn’t be practical, like an addition or garage. They’re great for homes where there’s no ducting, making them a good option for homes with radiant or baseboard heat. They can be used for supplemental cooling where extending ductwork isn’t possible or might prove too costly. They’re more efficient than using window systems in the same places, and provide the same efficiency benefits as a central air system, especially since they can be zoned. And these systems are long-lasting, designed to perform for up to twenty years with proper maintenance.

The Cons of Mini Split Systems

Mini split systems are a bit more expensive than central air. With that being said, if this is your first time stepping away from window units, their cost is roughly the same as central air if the latter requires the installation of new ducting. Like central air, ductless mini splits also need to be sized properly for the building in which they’re used; fail to do this and you’ll be stuck with a unit that’s inefficient, or one that short cycles. And depending on the building layout, some systems can be challenging to site and install, though this can be addressed with a bit of creativity.

So, Are Mini Split Systems Worth It?

This is, of course, a decision that’s going to take some thought on your part. You can call us for more information. We can evaluate your building — home or place of business alike — and provide an estimate. Generally speaking, if you have a building that already has ductwork in place, a traditional central air unit is a good first choice. But for additions, outbuildings, and structures that don’t already have a ducted system, a ductless split system is a sensible option.

Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Systems from Addario’s Services

Besides using Mitsubishi ductless systems that are more efficient than many central air systems — and more efficient by far than window units — Addario’s Services is a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor®, signifying that our technicians have undergone extensive training on sizing, estimating, and installing your system, ensuring you get any available energy rebates for which you qualify, and maintaining your system so it lasts for the long haul. And did we mention that the five-year warranty is upgraded to seven years when you choose a Diamond Installer? Now that you have the facts, get in touch with us for your split system installation!

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