Clogged Shower? Leave it to the Experts!


A nice hot shower just isn’t the same when you’ve got cold water pooling around your ankles. Nobody wants to deal with a clogged drain, but unfortunately, many people wait until after they’ve tried nearly everything else before they’ll call a professional for plumbing services around Woburn, MA. That’s not a great idea, since many home remedies (like coat hangers) and even a lot of “safe” over-the-counter solutions like snakes and chemical drain cleaners end up causing as many problems as they were designed to solve. Next time, save yourself time and money. Call Addario’s Services instead!

Ineffective Clog “Solutions”

Let’s run down a few of the common remedies homeowners reach for to deal with shower clogs, and why each is problematic.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are cheaper than a plumber, theoretically. Sometimes they even work. However, if you’ve got a septic system, drain cleaners can do serious damage. They can cause damage to your plumbing. They’re also not safe around pets, kids, or the environment. And since they don’t always clear the clog, they can linger in your pipes for days afterward, causing dangerous chemical interactions if you use common cleaning products.

Drain Snakes

Plumbers use drain snakes and augers all the time, so you’d think drain snakes would be safe for your plumbing. They are, but you have to use the right one for the job, and to know what you’re doing. Get it wrong and you’ll be calling us to repair your pipes instead of clearing your drains — and that’s a lot more expensive.


Plungers have their place, but using the wrong plunger on your drain won’t solve your problems. There’s another problem here as well. Depending on the nature of your clog, one of two things could happen; on one hand, you could just end up with an impacted mess in your pipes, and on the other, plungers won’t do the job when the clog is caused by a buildup of grease, oils, and soap scum.

“Solving” the Wrong Problem

Sometimes the things we think we’re doing to help don’t work because the problem we think we’re solving isn’t the one we’ve got. It’s more common than you’d think to pull a hairball the size of a small hamster out of your drain only to find that drainage is still slow. When that happens, it’s often because of a sewer line clog or a backflow problem that a plunger or snake can’t touch. A plumber can ensure the problem is found and addressed at the source.

Prevent Shower Clogs

If you’re really dead set against calling a plumber, the least you can do is take some simple steps to keep your shower drain from clogging in the first place. Hair, soap, and shampoo are the most common clog sources, but other things — ranging from massage oil to exfoliants and other personal care products — can cause clogs and obstructions, too. 

  • Get a drain screen, since that can help keep hair and other gunk from going down the drain. If it gets past the point where it can be cleaned, toss it in the trash and buy another.
  • Keep your tub or shower clean. Pouring a bit of baking soda, some vinegar, and some very hot water down the drain can help maintain clear drains.
  • Use your drain properly. If you wouldn’t flush it or put it down the drain, things like grease, dishwater, and mop water shouldn’t go down the shower drain either.

Of course, you can do all of the above diligently and find that clogs still happen. If that’s the case, don’t go it alone. Contact Addario’s Services for plumbing services in the Woburn area!

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