What to Check if You Have an Air Conditioning Issue


For residents in Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex Counties, Massachusetts, late summer can be a great time to enjoy the last days of summer and chill before school starts up again. But it’s also the time when air conditioning systems can start to act up, and stop working efficiently. Rather than waiting until your air conditioning system fails, it is the perfect time to have Addario’s Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical do an A/C check of your home’s systems.

There are things you can check before you call us for service, but our inspection will pinpoint any hidden issues your air conditioning system may have, and we can help you save money and increase your system’s efficiency. Here are some questions to think about if your A/C unit isn’t running effectively.

Home zoning – is it right for you?

Home zoning is installed in most new homes being built today because it’s so efficient and can save big money on utility bills. The good news is these systems can be installed in older homes as well. If your home has areas where it is hotter or cooler even though the thermostat is on one temperature setting, you may benefit from a zoned thermostat system. Addario’s technicians can evaluate your existing A/C unit and install home zoning thermostats.

Is your current thermostat performing as efficiently as it used to?

If you notice your thermostat is set for a certain temperature, but the thermometer shows your home’s temperature is either cooler or warmer that what it’s set to, you may need to have it inspected. Our cooling experts are able to check your thermostats and asses their efficiency and recommend solutions.

Have you considered an energy audit?

You may be eligible for tax credits and incentives when you have an Addario’s energy expert conduct an inspection of your home’s energy usage. Our technicians are knowledgeable about all the tax incentives and other options for homeowners and we can offer a variety of energy-saving solutions tailored to your needs.

During an energy audit, we’ll use the latest technology—including video cameras and specialized tools— to assess your home’s efficiency. Call Addario’s to schedule an air conditioning inspection and get the highest quality service for homeowners in Massachusetts.

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