What To Know About Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality


If you live in Middlesex, Norfolk and Essex Counties, Massachusetts, the ductwork in your home could not only be causing you to pay more money for energy in winter, but it can also cause discomfort for your family if your ducts are releasing harmful dust, fumes or insulation particles into your house.

As Massachusetts duct cleaning experts, we have worked with a number of Boston area homeowners to evaluate, clean and repair the ducts in homes of all ages. The Addario’s team of expert technicians can repair or replace the ducts in your home to make sure they are working properly.

Summer is a great time to inspect and repair the ductwork in your home to ensure that your ducts are clean and leak-free, while also offering enhanced indoor air quality, before your home heating system has to work hard this winter. A few benefits of inspecting and repair the ductwork in your home include:

Health Leaky ductwork can cause harmful fumes, chemicals, insulation particles and dust to leak out into your home, which can be extremely harmful to those with allergies or asthma. Replacing or repairing your ductwork will eliminate most, if not all, of these harmful particles from leaking out into your home.

Safety If the ductwork in your home is not sealed properly, combustion gases from your home gas equipment, including stoves, furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces, can flow back into your home instead of outside. These harmful gases include carbon monoxide, which is completely odorless and invisible and can lead to death. With new ductwork, your family can rest assured that all harmful gases are being directed properly outside your home.

Save moneyLeaky ducts can allow heat to escape, making your heating system work harder to keep your home warm during winter. A properly sealed duct system saves money and lowers your energy bills by allowing heat to move freely through your home’s ductwork.

Comfort If your home duct work is improperly sized or leaking, it can cause severe temperature fluctuations throughout different areas in your home. This not only can put an unnecessary strain on your heating system, it can also waste energy, which will translate into higher heating bills. In addition, old ductwork often contains dirt, dust and other harmful particles that then can be breathed in by your family each day. New ductwork will allows you and your family to breathe easier, can help prevent certain allergies and improve the air quality of your home.

Summer is a great time for homeowners in the greater Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex County areas to have their ductwork inspected, repaired and replaced to improve overall air quality and help save money on energy expenditures year round. If you are interested in the repair, replacement and inspection of the ductwork for your Boston area home, contact Addario’s Plumbing today for the highest quality service for homeowners in Massachusetts to make sure that your home’s systems are working at 100% capacity.

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