Readying Your Air Conditioning & HVAC Systems For Summer


For residents in Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex Counties, Massachusetts, summer time often means trips to the beach, enjoying the sun and hoping that your Air Conditioning and HVAC units are prepared for the heat of summertime. If you haven’t had the A/C and HVAC units in your home inspected, now is a great time to let the cooling experts at Addario’s inspect your cooling system to make sure it works properly all summer long.

As Massachusetts cooling repair, maintenance and service experts, we know that air conditioning and HVAC units that have not been inspected, maintained or replaced for years can’t keep up with the cooling demands of summer. Addario’s specializes in the installation of high velocity and traditional air conditioning systems for homes and if you are in an apartment, addition or have a home without ducts, we also offer single area cooling solutions to help keep you cool this summer season.

So, how can you make sure that your home air conditioning and HVAC units are ready to handle summer heat? While we recommend using a professional to handle maintenance and repairs of the A/C unit in your home, you can follow these tips to keep your systems working at peak efficiency:

Clean and Replace your Indoor Air Filters: Air filters in your home should be replaced at least twice a year. When air filters are clogged with dust or grime, your system has to work harder due to restricted air flow, which can reduce efficiency and recirculate dust inside your home. Fresh air filters will help your system run smoother, delivering chilled air to your home.

Clear any debris from the A/C unit: In the same way that dirty indoor air filters restrict flow in your home, debris surrounding an air conditioning unit outdoors can restrict the efficiency of your system. Removing any leaves, brush or other dirt from the unit, along with the trimming of any weeds or brush around the system, will help your unit cool your home easier.

Examine your Coolant Lines: Look at the coolant lines that are on the outside of your air conditioning unit; these are the tubes or pipes that are usually covered with a foam insulation to minimize energy loss. If the insulation is torn or missing, you could be expending a great deal more energy from the unit, which will not only make your system work harder, but it will also cost you money in lost energy savings. If you find that there is missing or torn insulation, contact the cooling experts at Addario’s to help you add the insulation to your unit.

Preventative maintenance for your home air conditioning or HVAC unit can help you lower your energy bills and make sure that you have cool, comfortable air all season long. Before the heat of summer descends on Boston this year, give Addario’s Plumbing a call today for a free home inspection of your air conditioning or HVAC unit and get the highest quality service for homeowners in Massachusetts.

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