Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Tips

Plumber Woburn, MA

For homeowners in Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex Counties, Massachusetts, the only time that you may think about your home plumbing system is when there is a problem. Like home appliances, the plumbing systems in your home will work best when given regular maintenance and care.

As Massachusetts plumbing experts, we have seen the catastrophic damage that can occur in a home when pipes leak from a lack of plumbing maintenance. Each day, Addario’s delivers the highest quality plumbing service to homeowners in Massachusetts and we encourage you to follow these plumbing maintenance tips to help keep your home plumbing in pristine condition.

Kitchen Plumbing Tips:

  • Keep your kitchen garbage disposal clean by grinding ice cubes or citrus rinds in the disposer for around half a minute.
  • Never put hard to grind waste (including chicken skins, carrots, celery, banana peels) in the garbage disposal.
  • Before and after using the garbage disposal, run cold water for at least 15 seconds to help flush any waste through the line.
  • Liquid grease from pots and pans should never be poured down the drain or garbage disposal.

Bathroom Plumbing Tips:

  • At least once a week, run hot water down bathroom drains to help with the removal of any clogs and to keep water free-flowing.
  • Install strainers in tubs and showers to prevent hair from going in the drain, while also making sure to clean strainers regularly.
  • Repair leaky faucets and toilets immediately to prevent any damage to fixtures, floors or sinks.
  • Do not use your toilet as a trash basket. Facial tissues, cotton balls, make-up pads and diapers should be thrown in the trash to prevent clogging.

Laundry Room Plumbing Tips:

  • Regularly inspect washing machine hoses for any signs of wear. If possible, replace rubber hoses with stainless steel, braided hoses that are often more resistant to leaking and cracking.
  • Add strainers to the washing machine drains to prevent debris and hair from clogging drain lines.
  • Install flood alarms to offer a warning if your washing machine starts to leak.

Engaging in regular, preventative maintenance of your plumbing lines can offer peace of mind for homeowners in the greater Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex County areas. If you need plumbing repair, replacement or installation, give Addario’s Plumbing a call today for the highest quality plumbing service for homeowners in Massachusetts.

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