Why Your HVAC System Needs Preventative Maintenance


When was the last time you had your Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex County HVAC system cleaned? If you can’t remember, you could be breathing dirty air, wasting money and putting your loved ones at risk of suffering adverse health effects. A lack of maintenance can cause so much buildup to your HVAC system that dust and dirt can stop your air ducts from working properly.

As Massachusetts HVAC experts, we’ve seen what a lack of maintenance can do to a property’s ducting, sometimes even requiring an entire system replacement. Because we want to help you, your family, house guests, and customers breathe easier this spring and summer, here is why your HVAC system needs preventative maintenance:

  • Better indoor air quality: When an HVAC system is leaking or becomes clogged, it can change the quality of the air you breathe indoors. While replacing your filter is a highly recommended step, professional maintenance and cleaning from Addario’s uses specialized tools to clean and remove dust inside your HVAC system that a single filter can’t. This helps improve your indoor air quality more than basic filters, which can also help alleviate allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, congestion and general irritation to lungs or sinuses.
  • Improved safety: Damaged duct work can be seriously dangerous for your home, as it’s likely to leak harmful carbon monoxide through your air vents. Because this gas is completely odorless and invisible, you may not even know it’s lurking in your living room. Routine maintenance checks two or three times a year is all it takes to ensure your entire HVAC system is leak free and safe.
  • Cost: When an HVAC system gets clogged with dust from a lack of maintenance, it can damage critical and costly components such as your air handler. This device draws the dirty room air from your house, conditions it, and then returns it back through your home. A dirty air handler cannot filter containments that can load up in the unit and if they’re not removed through routine maintenance, an air handler can become severely damaged. Additionally, a dirty HVAC system will have to work harder to cool and heat your home, increasing your monthly utility bills.

Saving money and breathing easy in the greater Middlesex, Suffolk and Essex County area is as easy as having your HVAC system professionally inspected and maintained. If you want to learn more, give Addario’s Plumbing a call today.

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